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Don’t judge a book by its cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover

You may have used books to accent your mannequin display, but there are always new ways to use these common props. Shoppers may pass by a display theme they have seen over and over, but when they see a familiar object used in a new way, they might just stop in and look around your store.

You have probably used books in your store displays before – whether you sell them or not. Books make great props for a number of reasons. They are relatable and familiar, and also varied – you can get old books for a vintage feel or new ones for more modern displays.

Books as table props

You might have used stacked books as props before, but this time, try focusing more on the inside. You can find old hardcover books in various shapes and sizes at a thrift store. Take these and lay them flat and open on a display table, then fold the pages in on themselves in loops. The creases between the pages are a perfect place to display rings!

Book a dynamic window display

To make a large display, take a bunch of books and hang them at random over a ladder or other fixture to create a textured backdrop for mannequins. Or, bend the spine backwards and glue the covers together to create a cylindrical shape with the pages splayed out. These can be hung at various lengths in your window for a dynamic backdrop.

Looking book smart

Of course, if your store does sell books, you'll need to try even harder to get creative. One way is to play with height and space. Create "floating" book displays in your window with an old hardcover book and a wall hanger. Simply attach the L-shaped wall hanger inside the cover of the book, then attach it to the wall. Stack new books on top of the old one on the wall, entirely covering the hanging device. You can even stand books up on top of the final stacks. This might be a neat way to display fantasy or futuristic books.

Read between the lines

Oftentimes we focus on what's on the cover of a book when we decide whether to use it in a store display, but the pages can make interesting props, too. Tear out weathered pages of old books and roll them, then create a dimensional wreath or garland with them. This type of display is guaranteed to make your store look book smart!