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Don’t get hung up on boring clothing displays

Don’t get hung up on boring clothing displays

Clothing retailers understand the importance of showcasing the range and diversity of products while maximizing space in the store. Although store fixtures like round clothing racks may offer the greatest efficiency, shop layouts that fail to distinguish one item from another can create a sense of monotony, making it difficult for customers to find pieces they prefer.

Suggest outfits
When diversifying your store’s interior design, look for ways of utilizing different planes to advertise various items. Wall displays can be ideal for longer articles like dresses, coats and formal jackets. You can also create a two-dimensional mannequin effect by layering items on hangers, like matching button-down shirts with vests or pants. This approach gives customers tips about coordinating outfits and may help them discover articles they otherwise would not have considered. Retailers that also sell accessories like belts, jewelry or hats may consider placing these items on shorter display tables next to the wall displays for additional pairing suggestions.

Sort by similarity
Although it may seem redundant to place items that look alike near each other, the technique can actually help customers find more of what they like. This can be an especially effective method when utilizing table displays to advertise basic items like sweaters and T-shirts that are often folded instead of displayed on hangers. Suppose a patron loves the color and texture of a shirt, but would prefer a different neckline. By placing the two designs next to one another, you can assist your customers in quickly locating exactly what they desire.

Specialize your display
Certain clothing and accessory items have racks made especially for their display. Even if your store doesn’t specialize in one of these styles, utilizing a specialized display fixture can help save you space, efficiently showcasing merchandise. Examples of item-specific pieces include shoe racks and millinery displays for hats.