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Don’t cover up your beach cover-ups

Don’t cover up your beach cover-ups

Shoppers sometimes get too wrapped up in what they’ll be wearing at the beach that they might not think of what they’ll need to wear while on the way there. Bathing suits, sandals and sunglasses are all important to enjoy some time in the sun, but beach cover-ups are what help people get there.

You can’t forget to include these key items in your store displays. Otherwise customers might have to resort to a normal T-shirt to hide their bathing suits. Cover-ups can be incorporated into a beach outfit, adding an extra layer of style as well as keeping direct sunlight off people’s skin.

You don’t have to get new display fixtures specifically for cover-ups because you can use what you already have to showcase these products. Mannequins that are already donning bathing suits can have the cover-up added on to bring the bigger picture into perspective for shoppers. Combined with the array of other accessories you have in store for the beach, everything customers need to enjoy their favorite summer spot can be seen and kept all in one place. This will help people narrow down the objects they need while also gaining new ideas for other outfit mixtures.

If any of your cover-ups are made up of a light color that can be hard to see while hanging freely off of your models, use the C3 Custom Color Collection to give the mannequins a contrasting shade as a backdrop to the thin fabric.

You can use a variety of bold and bright colors to help accentuate a beach wardrobe and really make all of the items stand out in their own right, which can help convey their purpose. Take advantage of all the visuals you can to help give the products that are easily overlooked a boost before the season ends.