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Does your store need a new look for Christmas?

Does your store need a new look for Christmas?

Now that the Christmas shopping season is in full swing, it may be time to evaluate your store design again and make a few simple yet crucial adjustments to boost your sales potential. Chances are you’ve already decided on how you’ll decorate your store for this busy season, but there might be a few aspects you haven’t taken into account. In fact, the layout of your shelves and racks may need to be altered to make room for all of the extra items in stock. At the same time, you want to make sure that guests are able to navigate your shop with ease.

Here’s how you can subtly adjust your store for the holiday shopping season:

Shelving layouts that make a difference
Each retail space is unique, so there’s no one correct answer to the question of how your shelves should be laid out. However, there are a few universal tips that help you decide how to control foot traffic and make sure your merchandise is easy to find and access. Fit Small Business reported that a grid-like layout often works well for retailers with lots of smaller objects on sale. Stores that specialize in clothing, however, may want to consider saving their shelving units for the sides of the store, and filling the center with “floating” racks of clothes.

This is where rolling racks can really come in handy, because you can shift them easily for testing multiple layouts throughout the week. With the floating method of layout, you can create gently curved walkways that take customers past a wide variety of merchandise while keeping sightlines open.

Impulse purchases that pad your revenue
Christmastime is a little different from other shopping seasons, because your customers are more likely to be shopping for others, rather than themselves. Add to this the fact that sometimes shoppers will enter your store not knowing exactly what they’re looking for – this is a problem that you can help shoppers solve. For instance, you can use counter displays and tables to highlight affordable impulse or add-on items in high-traffic areas.

Your shoppers may not know what they’re looking for – until you show it to them. Encourage shoppers to get stocking stuffers for their loved ones while they’re making a larger purchase. These lower-priced objects can add up quickly!

For personalized advice on how you can make the most of your floor space, give our design experts a call today!