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Do your window displays really matter?

Do your window displays really matter?

If you have ever walked along the street during the Christmas season, you have probably been drawn in by at least one window display. According to a study by a webcam company, store windows really do factor into the store’s sales, USA Today reports.

EyeTrackShop, the webcam company, chose six retailers to track in 2011 – Gap, H&M, Uniqlo, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue and Henri Bendel. The study showed that the 400 respondents focused on a photo of Gap’s windows 35 percent longer than that of H&M or Uniqlo. They also said they were 26 percent more likely to shop at the Gap because of its display, rather than head into the other two stores.

At the same time, participants looked at Bergdorf Goodman’s displays 28 percent longer than they looked at the other two high-end stores, though it did not translate to sales as strongly.

“The time spent looking (at a display) has a direct correlation to sales,” Jeff Bander, senior vice president of client services for the company, told the news outlet. “When it’s done properly, sales do increase.”

Gap and Bergdorf Goodman came out on top because they had more detail than their counterparts, Bander told the news outlet.