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Do you have everything you need for November?

Do you have everything you need for November?

The beginning of a new month offers the opportunity to review your store and marketing strategy, and make plans going forward. Business owners who have not yet accomplished this may find these suggestions helpful in creating a cohesive plan for the coming months:

Consider changing your store scheme
Designing your store displays around a specific style or group of colors can instill the sense of a cohesive, sophisticated appeal. Over time, however, even the most creative layouts can lose their appeal, so it’s important to change things up every once in a while. A simple way to brighten the look of your shop is by altering the color scheme or adding a splash of color to monochromatic designs. This can be done simply by utilizing pieces from the C3 Custom Color collection, with items like high-gloss mannequins in nearly any shade and a wide range of poses. Alternately, consider dressing up existing models with patterned jersey forms or colorful bases, which can provide a completely different look to a tried-and-true store accessory. Apparel racks don’t have to be restricted to black or white either – select a custom shade for styles like the 2- and 4-way racks, or round hanging racks.

For added convenience in refreshing your store’s interior, consider a complete collection group for items that flow flawlessly from one to another. For example, the vintage boutique collection includes pieces such as rotating jewelry racks, shoe stands, stools and even mirrors, all of which share design elements that can be positioned throughout your shop to add details that tie together different areas. New lighting fixtures like string or strand lighting can also help illuminate products and spaces differently for a new appeal.

Refresh inventory with seasonal clearance sales
In addition to giving your store a new look, consider refreshing your merchandise to include the latest products. Make room for current goods by hosting a seasonal clearance sale, which may be especially successful heading into the holidays. To optimize convenience, stock up on materials that will assist your customers both in-store and after they leave, such as shopping and gift bags, promotional posters and packaging accessories like wholesale ribbon and bows. After the rush of the holidays, don’t forget to give your store a cleaning to start the new year on a high note. Get out the vacuum and steam cleaner, and straighten up dressing rooms with new hooks, item checks and clothing protectors.