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Do sidewalk signs really work?

Do sidewalk signs really work?

You have signs in your store's windows, on the door and inside on the walls. You might even have ads and signs on billboards, buses and in the newspapers. However, there is still one more venue for advertising your store's sales and special merchandise: a sidewalk sign.

Sidewalk signs are one of the most effective ways to advertise your store. Because there are so many signs in store windows these days, customers have a tendency to block them out entirely. Plus, many people aren't looking into the stores as they walk by – they often look forward or down, which means the sign will be at their eye level. Sidewalk signs are particularly effective in small shopping districts or villages where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.

There are also countless types of sidewalk signs to choose from, which makes finding one to match your store's style a breeze. If you choose a chalkboard sidewalk sign, you can easily change it to reflect the store's latest promotions. Plus, you have the opportunity to create something really eye-catching if you happen to have someone artistic on your staff! A chalkboard sign also lends a charming, somewhat rustic look to your store.