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Displays for last-minute Valentine’s gifts

Displays for last-minute Valentine’s gifts

If you’re one of those people who take their time picking out the perfect gift, you may be familiar with the sudden stress of realizing that a holiday is closer than you think. Valentine’s Day in particular can get hearts racing, and not just because a person is in love. During the final moments before Feb. 14, many people will be on the hunt for the ideal present for their spouse or partner. With tensions running high, shop owners will want to be ready for a last-minute rush on some of the most popular products as well as their more unique Valentine’s offerings.

Love in bulk
When it comes to traditional holiday gifts, it’s a good idea to keep your shop stocked through Feb. 14. Products such as chocolate and flowers, although seasonally themed, will still sell well beyond Valentine’s Day, especially when prices dip a bit on the sweet treats. More important is being prepared for those last-second shoppers who will think fondly of a store that helps them out in a bind.

To showcase your supply, opt for shelves. They’re simple to relocate to the front and center of your store for frantic shoppers’ convenience and can hold a high volume of merchandise. On each level, showcase a different variety of chocolates – from personal boxes to family sized packages. If you have even smaller boxes of Valentine’s candy, such as conversation hearts, it might be useful to opt for bulk containers. Try out dump bins or containers that make it simple for guests to pick up as much as they need and head right to the register.

Special somethings
If you’ve got a hot-selling Valentine’s item as well, particularly something that might not market as well after Feb. 14, you’ll want to find a way to draw customers’ eyes to it while it’s still very relevant. Rushed shoppers will appreciate the extra shopping tip as well, and the more you accentuate the product the easier time they’ll have finding it.

Start by accentuating the piece with a display fixture that focuses on fewer pieces than the shelving units do. A display case or acrylic cube would be perfect for this purpose. Then use decorations, garlands and lighting to bring attention to this special merchandise. It wouldn’t hurt to add in a poster or sign as a final means of advertising your Valentine’s goods.