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Displays for home goods

Displays for home goods

Holiday scents bring back fond memories – from the fresh smell of a newly-cut Christmas tree to the warm wafts of favorite baked goods. Capitalize on that nostalgia in displaying household goods – particularly those for the kitchen – in your retail department. With store fixtures that spark warm thoughts, your interior design will help customers feel at home. Here are a few ideas to bring a sense of familiarity to your shop displays:

Select home-style furnishings
Create a space that is modeled after the comforts of home by choosing furnishings that look like they belong in a living room, not a warehouse. Look for pieces like display tables made from wood that resemble accents you might select to decorate your own house. This gives a realistic appeal to home goods and helps customers relate to how they could look in their own residence. Try to avoid all-metal structures or fixtures that look industrial for items such as kitchenware or living space furnishings. Instead, save the sleek appeal of steel for showcasing home office appliances or gadgets.

Accentuate your space
When does a house become a home? Incorporate some of the little details that make an area unique to give your space a homey feel. Vintage-style pieces may really help complete the theme, including touches like ornate hooks on walls or a wooden bowl set on a table near kitchen supplies. Lighting can also assist in setting the mood. Instead of harsher fluorescent bulbs, try out a more natural glow with an option like string or strand lighting.

Show a personal side
Mannequins are a stylish way to model the real-life utility of home goods. Although your mind may automatically jump to standing figures, mannequins come in a wide range of poses and sizes that can create a realistic effect. The model you choose may depend on the merchandise that you’re displaying and your method for sharing it. For example, a logical kitchen display might include a standing figure near cookware, while living room furnishings would be better suited for a mannequin who is sitting. However, not everything about your design has to be logical. Use your creativity in choosing colors and themes for mannequins and models that will catch customers’ eyes. This might include a glossy, C3 finish or a matte, patterned jersey form.