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Displaying gifts for Dad

Displaying gifts for Dad

Picking out the perfect present for Dad is on the top of every son and daughter’s Christmas list. Give customers a hand this holiday season by highlighting some of the items that would be suited for any father.

Outdoor feel
Go for a traditional tough and rustic appeal when displaying retail products for men. The look is simple to create by incorporating wooden store fixtures that are both functional and fitting to the theme. Look for tables and benches in unfinished wood and pair them with steel-accented items to give the feel of a cabin or outdoor getaway. Remember to think on all planes – include wall hanging structures like hooks and shelving units that mimic the same appeal. Natural colors pair well with this look – try dark navy, green and brown.

Getting digital
For tech-loving dads, catch customers’ eye with a more modern display. Look for sleek fixtures in solid tones that are highly functional and offer a clean, crisp effect and act as the ideal backdrop for gadgets. Make your furnishing process seamless and simple by selecting pieces from the Raw Steel collection, such as wall hanging features and tables. The finished appearance goes perfectly with a display of gadgets and devices that are sure to top any dad’s list.

No place like home
There’s no time like the holidays for a little bit of sentiment. Use a homey feel to appeal to shoppers looking for family-oriented gifts for Dad. Look for display fixtures that mimic a natural, home-like appearance. Tables and counters in warm wooden tones can be dressed up with smaller accents, like decorative bowls or a table runner in a seasonal shade like rich scarlet red or dark forest green. Add candles with a faux flame for additional cozy appeal.