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Display your breathable fabric

Display your breathable fabric

The summer means that people are looking to stay cool in their clothes. Hot weather can make dressing difficult, which is why it’s important for apparel stores to carry breathable fabrics that will appeal to people even on the hottest of days.

Market it properly
Store managers need to make sure they’re keeping their most breathable fabrics, such as cotton, front and center to bring in customers. Buy some mannequins for sale and place them at the front of the store and in your shop windows. Dress them in your lightest weight fabric and carefully think about your sign marketing. Slogans such as “Easy Breezy” and “Just Breathe” can drive the point home that these fabrics are wearable even when the sun’s rays just won’t quit.

Be sure to dress the mannequins in summer outfits, which means accessorizing is essential. Think sunglasses, straw purses and beach towels. This will give customers the feeling of summer, and they may be more likely to take notice of the lightweight fabric if it’s properly marketed for warm weather.

Teach your sales staff
You’ll also want to educate your salespeople on the lightest fabrics in the store. This way, if they see customers come in who are feeling the heat, they can point them in the direction of some outfits that will have them feeling cool in a flash.

Additionally, salespeople should be in the know about the kinds of fabrics in your clothes, as some customers could have an allergic reaction to some garments. It’s important to be as knowledgeable as possible with the public, and being able to accurately answer questions about certain pieces could lead to larger sales for the store.

Offer samples
You may want to consider offering samples of fabric for people to touch, so they can get a better idea of how the material will feel against their skin. By having different swatches of fabric available, people can compare and contrast and really see the benefits of wearing a lightweight fabric in the warmer months. Of course, you can simply offer great customer service and tell consumers that they really need to try on the merchandise. Once they slip into the garment, they can see for themselves and envision what it’s like to wear on a regular basis.