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Display tips for summer essentials

Display tips for summer essentials

With the arrival of summer just a few weeks away, it’s time for retailers big and small to start prepping their must-have items for the season. While apparel retailers may have it made in the shade – it’s easy to showcase t-shirts and shorts on adult and child mannequins – other types of merchants may find it more difficult to come up with display concepts for the season. Here are a few ideas for shops of all sorts:

An American BBQ
Is there anything more summery than an afternoon spent grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers on the barbeque? Now is the time of year when people get excited about outdoor parties, particularly with Memorial Day and July 4 just around the corner. If you sell grill sets, patio furniture or other outdoorsy home goods, you can help make sales by creating an “American BBQ” scene in your store window. Set up a display table with plates, napkins, silverware and other items that suggest an outdoor feast. If you have a grill in store, put one up front and center, and don’t forget to put a mannequin nearby. If possible, dress this mannequin in an apron and chef’s hat to make him or her look like he’s about to start cooking some delicious fare.

Your classic beach party
Towels, suntan lotion, big umbrellas, beach balls – shoppers will be looking for all of these items before they take their first trip to the beach this summer. Remind passersby that they’ll need these goods by arranging a beach party in your display window. Use wholesale ribbon and tissue paper to create the sand and surf on your backdrop. Next, lay out some towels side by side, as though they were just abandoned by some beach-goers who decided to take a dip. Add a few beach toys, a child mannequin or two, and you have a great setup that will definitely draw attention.

An exciting escape
For many people, summertime means vacation time. You can draw in customers who are planning their travels by once again using your storefront as a showcase. Mannequins in travel gear, including backpacks, visors and sunglasses, will conjure up images of adventures in faraway lands. You can also expect some tourists to be visiting your shop this season, so use store signs to welcome them in. Don’t forget, travelers will need luggage of all sizes, from big suitcases to small duffel bags.