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Display this year’s most popular holiday gifts

Display this year’s most popular holiday gifts

The 2014 holiday shopping season has already begun, but foot traffic is only going to increase over the next four weeks as people rush around to buy gifts for their loved ones.

Make choosing the perfect present easy for your customers by dedicating a few store displays to show off popular items for the holiday season.

Accessories for her
Buying clothes for someone can be tricky if you don’t know his or her size. Sometimes people are offended if you guess incorrectly and then the sentiment may be lost. You can avoid that headache when you’re shopping for a woman you care about by giving her accessories. It’s much easier to select jewelry, shoes or handbags that fit her style, rather than apparel that fits her body.

Esquire magazine suggested veering toward gifts that she wants, but doesn’t necessarily need. Arrange a few of your best-selling pieces of jewelry on Black Boutique Necklace Stands and pair them with cute purses. An assortment of sizes and options are great, but definitely include smaller styles on a Black Boutique Clutch Display fixture.

A practical, comfortable and thoughtful gift for anyone is a nice pair of slippers. Show off your softest and fluffiest selection of slippers on Black Boutique Shoe Displays around the store.

Clothes for him
On the other hand, it often takes less guessing to choose a nice shirt or sweater for a special man in a person’s life. Flip through the pages of a fashion magazine or two and organize a section for gift shopping ease. Use a Single Rolling Rack for sweaters of all styles, from cardigans to pullovers, and a 4-Way Rack to display a variety of flannels.

One style trend that you may want to promote is jogger pants for men. According to Business Insider, the style was originally meant to highlight a pair of nice shoes, but the fact that these pants are comforting and stylish has helped it take off. Arrange a handful of joggers in a store display so customers have an idea of popular clothes for him.

A great stocking stuffer for husbands, dads and sons is plain white T-shirts. They’re great to wear under dress shirts, at the gym and when relaxing around the house. Lead those shopping for their important men toward a fully stocked section of white tees. This will make it simple to pick up one last gift for him to see under the tree or another item to fill his stocking with on Christmas morning.