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Display tables: How low can you go?

Display tables: How low can you go?

Ever wonder how low is too low when it comes to the merchandise on your display tables? Even if you speculate that your clientele can limbo or get low on the dance floor, it's not safe to assume they will be dropping to their hands and knees to see products that you are displaying too low to the ground.

The lowest level of merchandise on display should hit at around the knee – this is especially true for small items like sunglasses or headphones. This way, the customer could step away and still clearly view and shop that merchandise.

Anything lower than knee-level requires customers to either squat or get down on their hands and knees – not something many shoppers will do for a preliminary viewing. Plus, having items resting just above the floor cheapens the items. Even in the neatest, most organized store, items are sure to fall off these racks or shelves and end up on the floor. Is that really where you want your merchandise?

That said, if you have a display table with shelves that reach all the way to the floor, you don't want to leave them empty. Display larger items down there that are also displayed on the top of the table. The repetition makes your store look full and well-stocked.