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Display outfits for Valentine’s Day dates

Display outfits for Valentine’s Day dates

Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and couples everywhere will be wining and dining to celebrate their love. Feb. 14 will be a flurry of chocolates, roses and dinner reservations, but one thing’s for sure – everyone wants to look his or her best for the special evening out.

In preparation for the holiday, consider crafting displays that feature outfits for Valentine’s Day dates. Here are three concepts to mull over as you dress your mixed forms this week.

Color scheme
The traditional hues associated with Valentine’s Day are pink and red, but don’t be afraid to expand on these options. Look through your merchandise for clothes in several shades of pink and red, plus neutral options. Create outfits that mix and match these basic colors, but don’t go too heavy on the bright hues. If the mannequins are wearing a little black dress, accessorize with pink or red shoes, handbags and jewelry for a festive  touch. In the same vein, choose black or white accessories when you’re dressing up an outfit that’s mainly red. Refinery29 highlighted many prints that work well for Valentine’s Day, including polka dots and subtle floral patterns. According to the fashion authority, classy prints can make dresses appear more expensive than they are.

Certain fabrics communicate a more romantic vibe than others. A few options to consider putting in store displays include soft fabrics such as satin or silk and delicate fabrics like lace. If you have clothes in these materials, choose those that come in appropriate shades. You can even mix the lovey-dovey textiles with more rugged fabrics like denim, leather or corduroy for a layered outfit. Match a pair of dark jeans with a red shirt that has a lace back, or something similar. Finish the outfit off with black pumps and a neutral-colored clutch purse.

Many women opt for dresses on Valentine’s Day, but depending on the evening they have planned, a variety of styles may be suitable. Refinery29 selected a handful of frocks as ideal choices for Valentine’s Day. Overall, dresses with mini skirts and high necklines seem to be popular this winter. Seventeen magazine recommended wearing a skirt or dress that has a flirty hemline, like skater styles, for parties or group activities, while a more classic silhouette is perfect for dinner and a movie with a special someone.