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Display ideas that stand out from the crowd

Display ideas that stand out from the crowd

With the hustle and bustle of holiday sales right around the corner, business owners need something special to catch customers’ attention. Use these tips to turn window shoppers into clients by attracting passersby with stylish and creative store displays.

Model your products
Feel like your shop’s fashion and apparel models look a little stiff? Mix up your approach to traditional mannequins by swapping out an all-white ensemble for models in a bright custom color or butterscotch gloss to correspond with your decor. Remember that mannequins come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Broaden your storefront appeal and relatability by selecting a models of varying body types and heights, or consider including child mannequins for family appeal.

Depending on the product and your store’s atmosphere, you may want to select mannequins with a realistic appearance, or choose more abstract models or jersey forms. For item-specific retail, look for figures that accentuate a certain style, such as pant and hanging forms or head forms for presenting hats or jewelry. When dressing your mannequin, clothing is only the first step. Consider details like stylish bases, decals and wigs. These small elements can take your display fixtures from boring to brilliant without spending a fortune.

Advertise sales
Set the mood in your store for shoppers looking to shop and save, especially during the holiday season. What better way to advertise this than in your storefront display? Give customers a glimpse into any sales or specials you’re offering by advertising them where patrons will notice. Message boards in your shop’s window can be a tasteful and stylish way to bring attention to the deals inside. Customizable white or black boards present a flexible option for advertising creatively, and are simple to alter as the seasons and savings change. The boards come with a variety of framing choices and can be utilized as standing or hanging features.

For another creative approach, consider highlighting specific sale items in your window with decorative pricing. Tags or labels are available in a wide range of styles and shapes, and can provide shoppers with a quick glimpse at discounted items or specials. Combine your marketing techniques and use oversized decorating tags to accentuate products featured on your storefront mannequins or models. You may also look for smaller framed discount signs which can be set on display tables or suspended next to sale items.

Share ideas
Finding the right present for a friend, family member or coworker can present a challenging task, so ease customers’ stress by suggesting top gift items in your shop. Possible presents can be highlighted with traditional packaging accessories, like ribbons, bows or tissue paper. Posing merchandise in open boxes wrapped in decorative paper may also help customers recognize items that would be perfect for someone on their gift list.

Decorative advertisements are also an excellent opportunity to group gift ideas or suggesting similar items. Consider products that complement one another or appeal to the same type of customer and place them in close proximity to each other. For a more direct approach, you can help patrons and encourage sales by arranging items into gift or display baskets and highlight them with a burst of colorful cellophane or wholesale ribbon. To further convenience your customers, offer a supply of packaging materials for purchase, such as decorative paper, tags and enclosure cards, and gift bags and boxes in varying sizes and designs. During the holiday shopping rush, you may also want to set up an in-store wrapping center where guests can have their new gifts expertly embellished and ready for any occasion, saving them time and energy.