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Display fall work attire for a range of businesses

Display fall work attire for a range of businesses

By switching up the outfits you display in your store, you can keep the atmosphere fresh for loyal customers who drop by often.

To try incorporating new outfits into your display fixtures, check out these suggestions for an array of outfits, from clothes for business dress to lounging around the house.

Business dress
Men’s traditional business attire includes dark suits, oxford shoes, button-down shirts and ties. Business Insider explained that boardroom attire is a bit fancier, as it requires white dress shirts and black shoes, while a traditional dress code allows for colored shirts and patterned ties.

Your female mannequins should be dressed in suits as well, either pants or skirts, with tights and closed-toe heels, the source continued. The tops should have high necklines, but a blouse isn’t necessary. Boardroom attire for women calls for dark and classic suits, collared dress shirts and black heels.

Business casual
Though different companies set unique expectations for business casual, it generally combines one element from each category of dress. For example, a man might wear slacks or corduroys with a sweater or button down, but skip the jacket and tie. The style of shoe is more relaxed, like loafers or something similar. An excellent look for men dressing business casually this fall is a collared shirt layered under a sweater. When you style your Butterscotch Mannequin, have the collar peak out from the top of the sweater, and roll the sleeves so you can see the shirt cuffs.

Women may still have to wear closed-toe shoes, but tights aren’t required under Business Insider’s guide to office attire. Skirts and jackets can stray from classic styles and accessories can make more of a statement. If you want to display a more relaxed version of business casual, skip the jacket for women. With just a pencil skirt and cute top, many women will be sufficiently dressed to comply with their company’s dress code.

Casual offices tend to allow denim every day, not just Fridays, as is often the norm in the corporate world. You can still use distressed jeans in the displays, even though that likely isn’t allowed at work, because you’re the master stylist here. Sneakers and sandals that aren’t too flashy can be paired with casual outfits, but they should be more formal than running shoes.

Both genders can often wear T-shirts, as long as they don’t have graphics. Men might throw in the occasional casual collared shirt or polo, while women are able to wear blouses that are a bit more fitted.

Because the temperatures will continue dropping, you may want to give your mannequins sweaters or overshirts of sorts, even if they’re just holding them. This will make your displays more seasonal and show shoppers how they can modify the outfit depending on the temperature of their offices.

Lazy day
There’s been a lasting trend of oversized sweaters – probably because they’re among the comfiest of clothes. Whether they’re paired with jeans or leggings, it’s a fashion statement that most people are on board with. You can style a Butterscotch Female Mannequin with an oversized sweater, or even a flannel, where you stock the yoga pants or leggings. This is a great outfit to wear while running errands or watching movies with friends. It’s just as comfortable as pajamas, but gives people a more put-together look. If you want to portray an even more relaxed look, pair the lounging pants with a long t-shirt or tank and a soft boyfriend cardigan.