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Display comfortable outfits for summer relaxation

Display comfortable outfits for summer relaxation

Summer has just begun and you have plenty of warm-weather products to highlight in the coming months. From short pants to summer accessories, don’t stop brainstorming creative and eye-catching store displays just yet.

When you’re arranging summer-themed displays, think about comfortable attire that fits this year’s biggest trends. Three of these styles are rompers, maxi skirts and dresses, and trapeze dresses. All of these options are meant to feel as great as they look when ladies want to kick back and relax in style. Read up on the latest trends and design store displays to promote the merchandise shoppers are sure to be browsing for.

Highlight breezy dresses for beach chic outfits.

Ten years ago, fashion mavens would have turned their noses up at these one-piece outfits that have been dominating summers in recent years. When browsing your romper selection, shoppers may confuse the garments for short sundresses. As a result, you should display rompers on jersey forms to showcase the nearby merchandise. From strapless garments to rompers with long sleeves for cool summer nights, there are several style options to highlight on display fixtures.

Maxi skirts and dresses
These full-length garments might seem to provide a bit too much coverage for warm days, but their loose and flowy fit makes them ideal for mid-summer relaxing. Plain black maxi skirts can be mixed and matched with any top, from spaghetti strap tanks to cropped long-sleeve shirts. The neutral and solid color makes long, black skirts an essential addition to any woman’s closet.

Patterned maxi dresses, especially those with a bohemian look, are popular as well this year. It’s easy to throw on a boho outfit that’s flattering and comfortable. A few trendy prints that channel the 1970s include paisley, colorful stripes and American western-esque embroidery.

“Coordinate your selection of maxi dresses with accessories.”

One of the best benefits of maxi dresses is that they’re versatile. You can dress them up with shiny jewelry and high-heeled shoes, or wear them to a low-key backyard barbecue with flip flops. Coordinate your selection of maxi dresses with accessories on nearby store fixtures. Gray boutique shoe stands can bring more dimension to the design with its vintage look.

Trapeze dresses
You might be wondering what a trapeze for acrobats to swing on has to do with summer dresses. The misleading name aside, trapeze dresses are form-fitting toward the top then flare out at the sides to create a trapezoidal shape. The style is similar to babydoll dresses, which tend to fall loose directly below the bust, mixed with frocks, which are often a bit baggier. Trapeze dresses allow for plenty of breeze, reveal just enough of a fashionista’s tanned legs and are perfect for tossing on over a bathing suit

Trapeze dresses in light colors such as cream, baby blue and pale gray are especially sought-after for summer 2015. Switch up your seasonal displays to highlight stylish outfits that include trapeze dresses, plus trendy accessories. Pair them with floppy hats and gladiator sandals for a fashionable ensemble.