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Display and design tips for specialty boutiques

Display and design tips for specialty boutiques


When you open a niche boutique, there are many potential advantages over the traditional clothing or jewelry shop. While your merchandise might not have mass appeal, it may fill the needs of a small yet dedicated group of local shoppers. For example, a women’s clothing store may appeal to nearly all the women in your locale, but you will face much fiercer competition for that type of shopper’s business. A shop that sells maternity clothing, on the other hand, is capable of taking a larger market share of a specific demographic. It’s not always easy appealing to such a specific customer, but when executed properly, you will see great results.

Follow these tips for creating compelling displays in your specialty boutique:

1. Find the perfect fit
If you’re selling clothes for a niche market, you need to make sure the products look natural and stylish when they’re displayed. For example, displaying plus-sized clothing on an ill-fitted mannequin will make the products look unappealing. But if you use one of our plus-sized mannequins, the clothing will fit perfectly and your shoppers will see how the pieces of the outfit work together.

2. Find your focus and create a theme
According to Entrepreneur magazine, creating a boutique shop with a small focus is a great idea for budding retailers. When you’re able to focus on a single product or market, your theme will come together in a more cohesive way. If you’re selling antique jewelry, for example, you might want to create a theme that evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Out vintage black display collection is perfect for making your store feel old fashioned, whimsical and inviting.

3. Speak their language
When you’re marketing to a niche audience, you’ll want to use the same language as your customers, suggested Social Media Examiner. This will vary widely from one subculture to the next. That said, you’ll still want to be subtle to avoid pandering. If you’re selling specialty bath products, you might use marketing language that evokes feelings of tranquility and comfort. If you’re selling sporting goods, you’ll need to use language that creates excitement and motivation. Search around online forums and social media groups to find out what language you should be using in your advertising.

4. Consider your shoppers’ needs
Shoppers in a niche group have their own unique needs. In a maternity clothing store, you may want to make the aisles more spacious. In a big and tall clothing store, you would want to avoid putting products too close to the ground. Always consider these little details to create a welcoming, friendly environment for your customers. Our 3-tier square tables are perfect for taller customers and our rolling racks are perfect for creating adjustable aisle space.

Our catalog is full of great visual display pieces perfect for specialty boutiques. Order your free catalog here to get inspired for your own store!