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Diamonds are forever a focal point

Diamonds are forever a focal point

Diamonds are truly timeless. Not only do they make a gorgeous statement, but they also complement virtually any style. Whether you're dressed in casual wear at the grocery store or you're in your best attire at the company party, this type of jewelry works. Diamonds can be a symbol of love and commitment, or they can represent individuality and personal flair. Regardless of the reason for wear, one thing's for sure: Diamonds are forever and most consumers love them. That means it's vital to make gems and jewels a focal point on display in your store.

Choosing the right jewelry displays

The last thing you want to do is bunch necklaces and bracelets up on a table and expect customers to view them as wearable. The same goes for earrings and pendants; these small items need to be raised in a way that makes it easy for consumers to find without hunting endlessly through your store.

When choosing your jewelry displays, step back and look at your store through your customer's perspectives. Where do your eyes take you in search of a diamond necklace? Do you expect to see all of the jewelry together, or split up around the store? These are vital questions to consider when you start to set everything up.

Try these display options in your store

Does your current jewelry setup need a readjustment? Consider the following options to display diamonds and other precious stones:

A Linen 3-Tier Jewelry Display Bar is a simple choice that makes your jewelry the focal point. It raises necklaces and bracelets from the countertop so they're easy to find and try on.

If you're looking for a more vintage option, the Burlap Jewelry Case displays beautifully on any counter or tabletop. It intrigues customers to step closer and examine the bracelets and other pieces in the box.

The Iron Lace Jewelry Display is another classic choice that can add an elegant vibe to your store. Use this for pendants, earrings and other pieces with backing. 

Make it easy for customers to picture rings on their own fingers with a Venus Hand Display. You can also use this piece to exhibit bracelets around the wrist, or drape a long necklace between the pointer finger and thumb, as suggested by Houzz.

The Gray Linen Curved Bust Necklace Display is another great option that helps your customers better understand how the piece of jewelry will look on their own necks. This display choice also makes it easy to remove and return the piece of jewelry after trying it on.

Take advantage of Full Body Mannequins to display a complete ensemble. This encourages your customers to pair a desired piece of jewelry with an outfit in your store.

Diamonds might be forever, but display options are always changing. Encourage your customers to try on jewelry by rotating cases, bars, trees, easels and other displays to flow with the latest trends and types of jewelry in your store.