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Design Halloween window displays this October

Design Halloween window displays this October

Halloween is a beneficial holiday for retailers to embrace because of its commercial value. According to Holiday Insights, people spend $2.5 billion on merchandise related to the celebration. Luckily, seasonal themes can be tailored to each store’s brand, culture and values.

Draw customers in during October with new window display designs that channel the spirit of the fall holiday, from its agricultural beginnings to the modern focus on treats over tricks.

Halloween’s roots can be traced back to the effects of changing seasons on farmers and their crops. As fall turned to winter, the temperatures grew colder and many plants died. Before the first frost, farmers would collect all of the remaining crops in a big harvest.

To run with this theme, think fall produce and plants. Use pumpkins, apples and colorful leaves to create an autumn scene that reminds shoppers of a great and bountiful festival. You can even use a play on words to promote your merchandise as the real harvest.

Head to a craft supply store for plastic leaves and pumpkins that you can hang in the window. You may also be able to find fake apples to incorporate. Small pumpkins and gourds often last through the season, so fresh produce is an option as well. Think about adding a scarecrow for the focal point or bales of hay to create a multi-level display.

You can create a Halloween display that says a lot with a little. Black and orange are the colors that people associate with the holiday so that’s a simple route to take to grab the attention of passersby. Gather decorations that fit the color scheme to give off a seasonal vibe.

You can also use fake spider webs and mirror garland to transform your display window into a mysterious cavern. Hang a few of your products on display fixtures and string spiderwebs between them. Add a few plastic spiders and the garland to dress it up further.

A big commercial aspect of Halloween is the focus on candy. From children who collect treats from neighbors on Oct. 31 to an ever-expanding selection of themed sweets, the season is well known for its dedication to candy. Get crafty and design oversized treats on paper to fill your front window display. You can make nondescript chocolate bars, lollipops and licorice. It may be best to stray from brand names, but that still leaves plenty of candy options to choose from. It would also be interesting to incorporate actual candy into your window display. Hang lollipops at various heights to create a colorful sight or selections of orange and black candy for a Halloween color scheme.

Additionally, consider putting a candy bowl on the register stand for customers to indulge in while you swipe their credit cards. It’s an inexpensive way to show your business’s generosity and appreciation for patrons while embracing the upcoming international celebration of changing seasons.