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Decorating with gourds? Do it right

Decorating with gourds? Do it right

Nothing says "fall" more than a pumpkin, which makes this and other gourds perfect ways to instantly update your store displays for fall. Gourds and pumpkins are generally quite affordable during autumn, so using the real thing can be a great way to add a festive touch to your store.

Simply collecting a variety of gourds in different shapes, colors and patterns is a great place to start when using them in store displays. Arrange them in a bowl, basket or another container and place these arrangements throughout your display tables or in your window for a seasonal touch.

If you use tablecloths on your display tables, try tying small gourds to grommets in each corner of the tablecloth to act as weights. Customers will be delighted with your creativity and may want to know how you did it! Another simple and easy way to use gourds in displays is to stack them in tall clear vases or place a single gourd or pumpkin atop a white column, candle holder or on a collection of white dishes. Gourds give a perfect pop of color to white dishware or other monochrome displays and fixtures.

When cut and carved, gourds and pumpkins also make perfect fixtures in and of themselves. Arrange flowers inside a hollowed out gourd for a festive vase, or place candles inside for a warm, homey feel to your store.

Of course, any sort of decor using real "produce" needs to be done carefully. Some pumpkins and gourds can last for months indoors, while others may rot more easily. Be sure to check your pumpkins and gourds every day for any signs of mold or rotting – this can cause an unpleasant smell and potentially damage your merchandise.