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Decorate your store with easy DIY crafts

Decorate your store with easy DIY crafts

Keep your store's appearance current with seasonal decorations and displays. While you can always buy new pieces of fall decor, it's often more fun to make your own.

Check out these do-it-yourself crafts that will look great in your store this fall:

With pumpkins
There are many fall decorations that hint at seasonal holidays without directly addressing them. One of the easiest ways to create a relevant decorative vibe for autumn is with pumpkins and gourds. Simply arrange them on display tables or teak risers without any further effort and you've already made improvements. However, you can use them as part of a larger decorative setting or even carve the fruits to give them new purposes. If you have a few baby pumpkins, look for big antique candlesticks to perch them on. Elongated gourds can become vases for a few autumnal colored flowers around the shop. Cut the top off your gourd and create a hole in the center, large enough for a handful of flower stems.

For those of you interested in decorating a larger pumpkin to put on display, consider adding leaves to the craft table. Cover your pumpkins with a coat of paint, then paste leaves on the outside with Mod Podge. You should let the leaves dry out for a few days before decorating, Today's Creative Blog explained. When the leaves are secure, coat the whole pumpkin with Mod Podge to create a protective shield for the fragile leaves.

With leaves
While we're on the topic of leaves, have you ever considered how many different crafts you could use them for? Whether you dress them up with glitter and string them into a banner or fill vases with fake leaves on stems, they're a beautiful and seasonal addition to any space. Collect leaves with enticing colors and buy a pack of unlined index cards. Paste a leaf on each card and hang the decorations using spray painted clothes pins. If you have mason jars waiting for a purpose, drill a hole in the tops and place a pretty piece of foliage in the jars. Use the top hole to run twine through the lid so they can be hung from store fixtures.

With miscellaneous items
The options for fall crafts are endless, but here are just a few ideas that move away from nature's decorative gifts.

With a roll of toilet paper, a plastic shopping bag and a piece of festive fabric, you can make easy and festive pumpkin decorations that speak to shoppers' seasonal thoughts. Wrap the plastic bag around the toilet paper, with the tube facing up. This will serve as padding to make it look more rotund. Next, place the roll in the center of the fabric and fold it up so it tucks into the center. Find a stick outside to create the stem and add a festive ribbon for an extra touch.

You can also make an abstract candy corn decoration that will make customers smile as they browse the shelves, Head to a craft store for foam cones in any sizes as well as three spools of yarn – orange, yellow and white. Look at a picture of real candy corn for reference on spacing, but the colors should go, from top to bottom, white, orange then yellow. All you need to do is wrap the yarn around the cones to give off the impression of a delicious piece of candy corn.

Look for an old shutter or two that you can dress up and lean against display fixtures by the entrance. If necessary, give the shutters a quick coat of stain or paint. When they're dry, adorn them with seasonal trinkets you find at the craft store. Whether it's more faux foliage or flowers with warm hues, a bit of color will look wonderful on the rustic decoration.