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Dazzle customers with unique jewelry displays

Dazzle customers with unique jewelry displays

Accessories continue to be the top sellers at many stores based on the fact that consumers are cutting back on new outfits, and instead are opting to step up their current wardrobe with jewels. Shop owners should take advantage of this growing trend by showing off their best bling in creative and fun ways.

The summer months are fast approaching, making it a great time to use the colors, scents and sights of the warm weather to display your store's jewels. Creating a beachy-vibe throughout your store is sure to help customers visualize where and how they'd be wearing the jewelry once they purchase it.

To make this style work, start by purchasing a few lightly-colored display tables and be sure to mix and match styles for that bohemian, summer feeling. A white dump table may look perfect next to a set of cream-toned display tables as it mixes wood with metal. Update the dump table by wrapping wholesale ribbon or scarves around the metal frame to really push the airy and light vibe. Once the tables are set up, place a few of your best jewels on top for customers to check out.