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Customizing neck blocks for varied ensembles

Customizing neck blocks for varied ensembles

Are you using neck blocks in your store displays? The small wooden accents serve to create a stylish, tapered effect on mannequins where the head would otherwise appear. These items can be particularly appropriate in boutique style shops, and serve retailers who really want to emphasize apparel with accents. Different neck blocks can correspond with various styles, however, so be sure that you’re choosing the one that best complements your look. Here are a few suggestions:

Color and coordination
Does your shop have a specific theme? The tone of your space should be taken into account at all times, even when deciding on small details like neck blocks. If you’re going for a natural appeal, look for blocks in a neutral wood, such as cherry or maple. Dark charcoal items may be better suited to a sophisticated shop or retailer of high-end merchandise, but for a more fun appearance, try out the many shades of the custom color collection. For a cohesive effect, match the material in the neck block to that of the base, as well as the shade or pattern of the form cover.

Size and shape
Depending on the purpose of your neck block, you may opt for a piece that accentuates fashion or one that is more functional. For example, if you plan to layer hats or scarves on top of headless mannequins, you won’t want the items slipping off. Try out a taller neck block that can accommodate the extra weight. If the block will be standing alone, you might consider investing in more decorative pieces that will serve as a detail in your interior design. Match the shape of your neck block with the base as well. For instance, a form model on a tall metal stand may look better with a short neck block, while decorative wooden stands with carved legs can be accentuated with either tall or short neck blocks.

Seasonal pieces
With the holidays approaching, you can add a glint of glimmer to seasonal displays with head blocks in a metallic shade. A wooden neck block in silver can easily be coordinated with Christmas hues like a rich scarlet red jersey form cover in satin or velour. You can also check out the custom color options for a shade that corresponds with whatever tone you want to set with your holiday displays and store fixtures.