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Customer profile: Marketing to men

Customer profile: Marketing to men

The retail landscape is ever-changing, and store owners who want to stay on top of trends need to change with the times. If you are under the impression that women still do the majority of the shopping, think again. There are many men who enjoy shopping, and there are plenty of stores that carry items that are of interest to the male population. However, when planning out your marketing initiatives, you'll need to take a different approach to bring more men in the door. Here are some tips.

Straightforward is best
Every shopper is different, so keep in mind that you'll need to employ a variety of marketing techniques to attract male shoppers. However, you may find that most men prefer a straightforward approach to shopping. Focus more on practicality than aesthetics. For instance, instead of stocking your display tables with a variety of colorful items, select products that make sense when grouped together. This rule also applies to the flow of your store. Many male shoppers prefer to move in linear motions, meaning that aisles lined with gondola shelving might make more sense than hanging racks spaced at random.

Help men picture themselves
All shoppers feel more encouraged to buy if they are able to envision themselves using a product, and this rule holds true for men as well. For instance, if you are trying to push a pair of men's jeans, make sure that you purchase male mannequins for sale to show how stylish the pants are. If you are having a sale on big-screen TVs, tune the channels to something you think many men will enjoy, such as a sporting event or action film.

Some men want to buy, not shop
Some men may prefer to "buy" rather than shop. This means that instead of browsing the aisles looking at many items, they'll enter a store with a mission in mind, and leave immediately if they can't find what they want. To avoid alienating male shoppers, you need to train your staff to help male shoppers find the items they're looking for quickly and efficiently. Make your shop easy to navigate, and put popular items near the front. If you know you carry certain items that are popular among men, don't hesitate to advertise them heavily in your store windows or with store signs.