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Customer profile: Marketing for women

Customer profile: Marketing for women

You may think that marketing for women is a cinch – after all, women are some of the most common shoppers for many types of retailers. However, because many women love to shop frequently, they know what goes into a good store experience, and you’ll need to stay at the top of your game to keep them coming back. Here’s some advice on how to make your store perfect for the female shopper.

Make it personal
A great way to capture any type of shopper is to make the experience personal. Individual attention can help shoppers feel special and carry out their shopping in an efficient manner. Many female consumers want to feel a connection with the store that they’re in, so try and extend a warm welcome to them through aesthetically pleasing display cases and tables, friendly colors and outgoing staff. Free samples can allow female shoppers to compare products while also giving them the sense that you want them to enjoy themselves while they browse your wares.

Make it social
Many women enjoy shopping in groups, and you can capitalize on this behavior. If you think that your shoppers want a social experience, then you should be utilizing various internet tools to enhance the interactivity of your store. Applications like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can help start conversations in the online realm, and those may carry over into your physical store as well. Offering sales like “buy one get one free” can also be encouraging for women who shop with friends and family.

The customer truly knows best
No one likes to hear the word “no” when shopping, so if you want to keep your female buyers happy, aim to be accommodating. Women who shop frequently will know what they want out of a store, so advise your staff to allow shoppers to have some control over their experience. Offering a variety of choices is also wise. For instance, if you provide gift wrap, select several styles of wholesale shopping bags and ribbon for customers to choose from.

Give a good deal
Once you have built up a loyal base of frequent female shoppers, you may want to encourage them to come back more often by offering great discounts. Women who do a lot of purchasing will appreciate a good deal when they see it, so be sure to run frequent and unique promotions throughout the year.