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Customer profile: College students

Customer profile: College students

Have you noticed more younger adults browsing your wares these days? That’s because many college students are now on winter break, meaning they’ll be making up a good portion of your customer base until after the New Year. With a bit of planning, you can take advantage of this demographic, boosting your sales while also sending the university students of your community back to campus with a smile.

Last-minute shoppers
With the rush of finals and the process of getting back home for winter break, most college students won’t find time to do their holiday shopping until they’ve unpacked their things and settled in at home. This means that you can expect many of your last-minute shoppers to be buying gifts for mom, dad, siblings and maybe a few friends back on campus as well. Have your employees consider what products may be of interest for college-aged holiday shoppers, and display those prominently on your display tables and gondola shelves. This will make it easier for those customers to find the things they need to make a successful Christmas.

Remember, they don’t teach gift wrap 101 at most schools, so this type of shopper will likely appreciate any wrapping services you offer. Make sure customers know that you offer wrapping paper or wholesale shopping bags, which can save them a step and allow them to sneak their present under the tree just in time. College students tend to have a funkier style, so be sure to keep a few colorful and quirky papers on hand to please such shoppers.

Later in the season
Once the holidays have come and gone, shoppers will no longer be looking for gifts, but many college students will likely be browsing for items that they may need when they return to their dormitory. If you’ve purchased new mannequins for sale this year, dress them in clothes that you think college students will like. Stock your display cases and tables with items young adults may need once they get back to school – shower caddies, pens, laptop cases and sports equipment are just some of the many options.

College freshmen may be looking for items they didn’t think they needed during their first semester, but which they now realize are essential – like extra bed sheets and blankets or a larger backpack. Keep this in mind when creating your New Year displays.