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Creative ways to display jewelry

Creative ways to display jewelry

When you create jewelry displays for use in a store, you want to do everything you can to ensure the small products pop from their settings. The things you do to make this happen may range from changing the layout of the floor to investing in new displays, but if you want to really stand out, you can try to create one-of-a-kind jewelry showcases. This is easy to do with cork displays, and there are a number of ways you can customize these sets to fit with the look and feel of your boutique.

Frame the cork
No matter what size or style cork you use to display jewelry, you can easily frame the display for a polished and sophisticated look. The different sizes that come as part of a cork set mean that you have plenty of opportunities to try new styles, designs and unique frames as ways to set off the display.

These mini-displays can work well with existing table displays or dressed up mannequins. Just place the framed cork set close to the display and make sure the accessories are complementary to the ensemble. Once the outfit draws in a shopper, they’ll likely be in the mood for similar colors or on the hunt for jewelry that goes with those items – and your eye-catching, perfectly placed displays are just the thing they’ll want to see.

Create bulletin boards
One display technique that will provide you with a creative and flexible way of incorporating jewelry into store displays is making bulletin boards out of the cork. You can even purchase ready-made cork boards that feature special accents like removable bars and push pins, so you’ll be able to quickly and easily put the new display boards on the store floor.

All you have to do to create one of these unique displays is purchase a large cork board and, if you wish, a frame. Then you can use pushpins – either clear, which are less noticeable, or colorful ones, which can spruce up a display. After that, you only have to organize your chosen jewelry however you see fit. Because of the flexibility of these boards, you can easily change the layout of the display to give necklaces, bracelets and earrings the room they need to shine.

Wall art
Maybe your boutique boasts a unique style and vibe that you want to carry through to your jewelry displays. If that’s the case, using a cork set allows you to customize any arrangement to fit the needs of your store. You can personalize the wall display to fit the personality of a store and create some totally unique decor in the process.

An interesting idea is to create your own pieces of wall art to show off jewelry collections. You can paint the cork board, cover it in an interesting fabric or even decorate it with fun patterns or pictures. While you should avoid things like overwhelming designs or sparkles that could take away from the jewelry, that doesn’t mean your artwork has to be boring. Trying to sell colorful and fun summer jewelry? Use bright hues like light blue or yellow to accent the jewelry display, or place black and white photos of the beach as the background. These small touches will have customers thinking about dressing for their summer experiences without taking the attention away from the accessories.

One of the best parts of these types of displays is that they can be redesigned and reused over and over again, allowing you to capitalize on your investment as you stay up on the current trends.