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Creative uses for hand jewelry displays

Creative uses for hand jewelry displays

Now that the weather is warming up outside, people are casting off their gloves and are ready to display their jewelry at last. Without the need of layers to stay warm, spring offers a chance for accessories of all kinds to finally be shown to the world. Many shoppers will be looking for new additions to their collection, so it’s important to make sure your store displays are ready to show off your inventory. If you don’t want your rings locked up in cases on display tables, consider hand displays for a more unique approach at showing your jewelry to passing shoppers.

The hands of nature
Spring provides an interesting way to make the rings really stand out in your exhibits. If you’re willing to incorporate some nature into your display, you can set up some stunning visuals. A table covered with leaves and wooden hand displays emerging from it will stop many shoppers in their tracks to check it out.

In keeping with the spring theme, think of using other types of hand displays, such as ones with elongated fingers or stretching arms, for a more surreal showcase integrating flowers and other signs of nature. Weave the stems of flowers in and out of fingers or have them hold out offerings of flowers to nearby customers. It will be some work to keep replacing them, but when other shoppers start noticing other customers walking around with flowers, they’ll look for the source, which will bring them to your displays. Rings of flowers, real or fake, are also a good way to decorate these hand displays even further. You can accomplish this by wrapping the flora around the wrists and arms.

These decorations will bring more attention to a display. If you position the accents  in an unusual manner, the effect can be amplified.

One-of-a-kind displays
When you’re setting up displays, a bit of creativity can go a long way. If the fixtures you’re already using are out of the ordinary, they could be the boost needed to bring your accessories to the foreground in your shop. Take advantage of the materials and postures of the hand displays to implement them effectively in your themes while also setting them apart from your competition. A touch of other-worldly appearance can help customers make your products all the more desirable.