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Creative promotions for prom season

Creative promotions for prom season

Prom season is nearly here, and if you sell formal apparel, you can bet that many of your customers in the next coming weeks will be students gearing up for this big night. One way to draw in this crowd is to offer unique and creative promotions, so here are a few ideas to edge out the competition:

Mix and match
Prom is all about colorful dresses and gorgeous accessories, so you can provide promotions for students who are looking to put their whole outfit together. Purchase a few mannequins for sale and dress them in some beautiful ensembles, including an elegant gown and necklaces, rings and earrings from your jewelry displays. Put these figures in your store window, along with a sign informing passersby that they can get the whole “look” for a discounted price if they buy all the items on the mannequin.

Calling all couples
Young people will forever remember who their date to high school prom was, so you can capitalize on this by offering discounts for couples that come in together. Ask your shoppers to show up with their dates and let them know that they’ll receive a certain percentage off if they buy matching items. For example, a young woman who buys a white gown can get a discount if she comes in with her date, who will in turn get a certain amount off on a white corsage.

Social media musts
Young people today are very active on websites like Facebook and Twitter, and if you want to reach out to them, you must have a strong social presence on such services. Offering discounts and promotions via social networks will get the attention of your shoppers. Send out a Tweet or Facebook post telling shoppers that they’ll get big discounts if they show evidence that they “follow” or “like” your store’s page. You can also encourage your customers to post pictures of themselves post-prom in your attire so you can use the photos in next year’s prom campaigns.

Think outside the box
You may think that apparel and accessories are the only things prom shoppers will be hunting for, but there are many other items that high schoolers and their parents will need this time of year. For example, you can offer a sale on digital cameras for Mom and Dad, as most proud parents will want to commemorate this momentous occasion.