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Creative ideas for your spring window displays

Creative ideas for your spring window displays

Now that February is nearly over, many people are looking excitedly toward springtime, when warmer weather and sunnier skies bring a welcome end to what has been a long and cold winter. As a retailer, you always need to be one step ahead of the game when planning your window displays, so here are some ideas to get you started this season.

Everything’s coming up roses
Fresh flowers are one of the tell-tale signs of springs, and using a floral motif in your front window will definitely grab the attention of shoppers passing by. If you have the resources, you can place fresh flowers on your display tables, but if not, consider making your own out of wholesale ribbon and tissue paper. For those choosing real flowers, use bright species like tiger lilies, roses, hyacinths or anything else that really pops.

You can display your items amongst the flowers by placing them alongside vases in display cases. You could even place a few of your items in flower pots to make it look like you’re “growing” some great products for spring.

School’s out
Though many elementary and middle schools don’t end classes until June, college and high school students often get out in early or mid-May. This is a time of excitement for both parents and students, so why not order a few child mannequins to reflect this notion? You can place the figures together with adult mannequins in a backyard setting to give the idea of kids spending carefree summer afternoons outside. Stock the window with sports equipment, water toys or anything else that goes with the children’s apparel the mannequins are wearing.

Fashion forward
Apparel retailers can expect lots of new fashion trends in spring, as many of the biggest names in the industry release new lines of clothing around this time of year. Create a catwalk in your window and arrange a few mannequins in your trendiest outfits as though they were models strutting their stuff. You can even line up a few chairs alongside the catwalk to make it look like there might be an audience about to arrive. If you have the capabilities, it’s not a bad idea to play some fun, energetic music to go along with the scene, and dazzling lights can also add to the effect.