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Creating shoe displays that stand out

Creating shoe displays that stand out

Showcasing a new shipment of sandals and flip-flops can pose a challenge for some retailers, as the items tend to take up a lot of room. However, it is possible to show off new shoes without creating clutter and confusion in your space. Here are a few simple tricks to creating the perfect shoe display.

A great and easy way to market new summer sandals is to pick a wall in your store and dedicate it to footwear. Filling the wall with flip-flops is easy if you purchase flip-flop hangers that securely and neatly keep the shoes together. Be sure to have employees keep an eye on these displays, as they should be fully stocked as often as possible.

It could also be a fun idea to create a similar wall in your store windows using only the brightest pairs of flip-flops along the back wall of the window. This backdrop not only helps your store shine from the outside, but it's also instant marketing, as it shows off what type of sandals your store has inside. Keep the beach vibes going by placing a display table in the foreground covered with beach towels and other summer goods people are looking for right now.