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Creating rustic displays for fall

Creating rustic displays for fall

When creating your window displays for the fall season, there are several elements you should take advantage of and a few you should avoid for the most effective and attractive look.

Many people head to the mountains and woods during the fall season, whether they are seeking out the best maple syrup in New England or hitting the trail for some prime views of the foliage. Because of this fall tradition, creating a woodsy, outdoor theme to your display window might be a good way to attract fall shoppers.

Use natural-looking display fixtures like wooden bowls and maybe even some real tree stumps to give your window a natural feel. Using tables with distressed metal or wood finishes can also help create a cohesive theme.

You will want to avoid bright, modern-looking designs. Silver and white are not the best colors to use in fall displays, because they give a clean, fresh vibe that will not help an autumnal, woodsy vibe. Instead, choose off-white display tables and tarnished bronze hangers and clothes racks.