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Creating an eye-catching minimalist design

Creating an eye-catching minimalist design

You don’t have to pull out all of the stops to build a display that creatively displays your merchandise. Sometimes less is more, but it’s important to remember when crafting a minimalist design that details still matter. Here are a few ideas for keeping things simple but eye-catching:

Select a color scheme

For a minimalist appeal, look for a color scheme that focuses on a small palette – two to three hues. Although a two-toned interior may sound limiting, you can really do a lot to make a secondary color pop. For instance, consider how shades like brown and teal could complement one another. Dark wooden store fixtures interspersed with an occasional pop from a turquoise C3 mannequin or display table would certainly draw attention to the items adorning them. You could also casually work patterns into such a presentation, with pieces like a floral mist jersey form cover.

Choosing minimalist fixtures

A simple fixture structure doesn’t have to be boring, just to-the-point. Instead of selecting the most decorative pieces, opt for clear-cut lines and shapes that will appear organized. Square wooden or acrylic display cases are a perfect example of pieces that give a minimalist but professional appearance, and can be stacked or lined next to one another. Remember that all fixtures should correspond with your color scheme.

A perfect example of minimalist color and fixture coordination is Harry’s Corner Shop barbershop in New York City. The space features low-lying display cabinets along the perimeter of the store in a light wood, and several taller shelving units in a similar shade. Black and orange pops of color are visible in detailing along the walls.

Defining minimalist designs

Your shop doesn’t have to be completely devoid of detailing to qualify as minimalist. A great instance of incorporating accents into a simple design is Savoidakis bakery and café in Greece. The shop sticks with a simple color scheme – black and oak – but takes accentuation to the next level with boutique-style decorative metal seating. Little touches can go a long way in a minimalist design, standing out from an otherwise relatively clean-cut canvas. If you want to keep it simple in your store fixtures, consider adding accents through unique lighting features, or geometric patterning on the wall.