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Creating a countertop display

Creating a countertop display

When it comes to decorating, are you taking advantage of all of your spaces? Even savvy store owners who utilize floor and wall space forget about some of the smaller details that finish their interior. For example, have you considered countertop displays? Cases are highly functional and offer a level of protection and organization for merchandise and store owners, so shoppers can peruse without having to pick things up. However, you want to be clear that items are being showcased, not just boxed in. Here are a few tips for maximizing space and making thoughtful countertop displays:

Dress it up
Using fabric and wholesale ribbon, you can create a homey appeal. Use cloth like a table runner and line it with a few strands of fabric ribbon. Then secure the items by placing decorative pieces like a wooden accent bowl or a small clustering of candles on top. This look is particularly fitting for a home goods store or crafty boutique. You can also use cloth more traditionally like a tablecloth. Look for flowy fabrics in rich hues and materials, and drape them over the top. Be sure that the edges don’t hang too far down, though, impeding customers’ view of the items inside.

Work from the bottom up
Your display case doesn’t have to stand alone. Look for items like acrylic cubes that can be stacked on top of the cases and catch customers’ eyes. Cubes are a particularly versatile option, as they can be decorated and arranged into a nearly unlimited number of designs. Just be sure that anything you stack is secure and stable, for both your own safety and that of your customers. You wouldn’t want falling store fixtures to cause a calamity.

Sell the space
Although more prominent items may be featured inside of display cases, the top surface is ideal for drawing attention to accessories and smaller pieces. Look for small racks and tabletop fixtures that can perfectly draw attention to these items. For example, a countertop showcase, literature rack or small spinning rack could be perfect for displaying pieces like jewelry and novelties, and an especially effective marketing tool when located near the checkout. Don’t forget to take wall space into account if your display cases are in corners or along the perimeter of the shop. Hanging display fixtures like wall-mounted shelving and decorative hooks can be placed just above the countertop to showcase all those little extras.