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Create your own back-to-school display props

Create your own back-to-school display props

The standard risers and cubes are ideal for creating height and dimension on your store's display tables, but if you're marketing to back-to-school shoppers, you might need display fixtures that take the design to the next level. Using classic school supplies and simple merchandising props, you can make a back-to-school window display that is sure to draw in shoppers.

If you have wooden cube bases, consider painting them so they look like traditional children's blocks. This method might be particularly effective if you sell children's clothes, toys or other items for the younger set. Find stencils of letters and numbers and paint them on in bright primary colors.

You can also cover wooden bases with certain school supplies. Line up colored pencils and glue them to the side of a base prop, covering three or all four sides completely. You can do the same thing with markers, crayons or traditional yellow pencils, depending on what else is going on with your window display. Use the same technique to cover vases, then display a colorful bouquet of flowers to give the display an extra pop of color.

These handmade props add a funky, artsy look to any store display. The originality is sure to draw in customers of all types.