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Create themed displays to sell more jewelry

Create themed displays to sell more jewelry

We've all walked by those jeweler's windows where sparkling gems are displayed on elegant velvet fixtures. This is a classic way to display fine jewelry, but taking a different approach may be a refreshing change that can pull potential customers in the door.

One way to change the style of your jewelry displays is to lighten them up. Cover your black velvet jewelry pads with a festive fabric, or trade out a black ring pad for a modern, white leather one. Complement your earring trees and necklace displays with other items that can be used to display jewelry, like bowls or vintage cigar boxes.

Try a theme for your jewelry store display tables – pull out all of your pearls and arrange them on jewelry trays with fishing nets, shells and sea glass tucked around them for an "under the sea" theme. Or, arrange all the jewels your store carries in shades of green, brown and other "woodsy" colors, then add items like pinecones or branches to give your store displays a campy theme.

If you have store fixtures like tables or cabinets with drawers, don't be afraid to give the display a three-dimensional appeal by arranging items in pulled-out drawers.