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Create store displays for spring sport supplies

Create store displays for spring sport supplies

Now that playing fields are clear of snow and the sun peeks through the clouds every now and then, kids are getting ready for spring sports to begin. They’ve joined a team, cleared their weekends for upcoming matches and asked around to find out who else is on their team. Now they just need the appropriate gear!

As parents bring kids their shopping for athletic apparel and equipment, it’s best to have your store displays ready for them. In anticipation of warm, sunny days, consider using these ideas for spring sport displays.

“Incorporate relevant hues into your displays.”

General tips
It’s always nice to incorporate relevant hues into your displays, such as the local high school’s team colors. Create a backdrop from one of the shades and arrange a selection of products in the other color. You could also alternate outfits that include the hues on Unisex Kid Mannequins for a polished look.

One of Chanel’s window displays back in 2014 used a locker room concept to showcase spring fashion trends. While it might be difficult to secure a row of real metal lockers to place in your store, you can give the display a locker room vibe with a gridwall panel that you drape with sports clothes and equipment. With clever signage that conveys what you’re going for with this design, customers will surely be attracted to such a clever setup.

You can assemble a display dedicated to tennis with a few extra props. Acquire a piece of net, then gather up a few of your mannequins and your premium tennis gear. Dress your forms in preppy tennis clothes – jaunty skirts, white shorts, polo shirts – and showcase a few of your best rackets. Depending on the space you’re working with, set the net up between two mannequins like they’re facing off, or use the net as a barrier between display and customer, with merchandise all arranged on the other side.

If you’re into wordplay, consider using tennis scoring lingo in a spring sport display. Instead of saying “15-0” when one player is ahead, he or she says “15-love.” You can find a clever way for the scoring term “love” to describe how customers feel about your killer equipment selection.

Showcase a variety of products to attract many customers to the displays.

Baseball and softball
Boys and girls will be lining up in the dugouts this spring as baseball and softball teams assemble for a great season. Like with the tennis display, these sports offer you opportunities to engage in wordplay. Some relevant phrases that you can work with are “strike” and “home run.” Feel free to get more inventive with your usage, but try something like “Don’t strike out with your gear choices this year” or “Our athletic attire selection is a homerun.”

A more recent addition to towns and schools as a springtime sport than tennis, baseball or softball, lacrosse has a growing base of fans and participants around the country. This is the perfect area to focus on your local teams, especially the color or mascot. Display the town’s mascot holding lacrosse sticks or wearing a team jersey for an attractive and spirited display.