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Create eye-catching jewelry displays for the holidays

Create eye-catching jewelry displays for the holidays

As the holidays approach, much of your attention will be on organizing sales, setting up merchandise and creating the perfect window displays to attract passersby. Jewelry can often get lost in the shuffle, but instead of letting these products fall by the wayside, take advantage of a few tips for developing the perfect winter jewelry displays:

Embrace rich materials
One easy way to incorporate the seasonal feel into your setup is to use heavy, rich materials that are reminiscent of the winter. For example, velvet is a lavish backdrop perfect for cold weather, which makes display fixtures like premium black velvet necklace stands extremely valuable. Similarly, pairing select adornments with outfits made from wool, flannel, leather or tweed could be a good way to achieve the same effect. Add necklaces to handing forms wearing soft wool sweaters or edgy leather jackets to show your customers the practical uses for your items.

If you’d rather find a way to reuse existing acrylic jewelry displays, consider adding velvet or wool accents to the fixtures. This could be as simple as lining the shelves with a select fabric, but it may make a big difference in the appeal of the products.

Go for seasonal colors
No matter what you use to showcase jewelry, you should try to incorporate holiday colors and hot styles that will catch the eye of shoppers in your store. Reds and greens are always solid choices, but make sure to mix in more sparkling choices that can cover all holidays – for example, glitzy rings and shimmering bangles in various shades of dark blue, which are perfect for a New Year’s Eve celebration. With hues like burgundy and emerald especially popular this season, be sure to put baubles in these shades front and center to attract the trendiest shoppers.

Utilize wall space
Loading up display tables with jewelry is a common practice, but it can be difficult in the winter months. There’s a good chance you’ll be taking advantage of all of your available space for sale items, holiday promotions and seasonal displays, which can leave your jewelry neglected. To avoid that problem, utilize wall space to showcase jewelry. Slatwall displays are ideal for highlighting many different items and can be easily customized to fit your store’s personality. Dress up your wall with seasonal decorations like garland or string lights. Not only will this draw a customer’s eyes to the jewelry display, but it will also enhance the overall appeal and holiday charm of a boutique.