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Create Easter-themed displays for spring holidays

Create Easter-themed displays for spring holidays

As the weather begins to warm, it’s time to start preparing for the first holiday of the spring season: Easter. The sooner you start thinking about your store displays, the earlier you can make changes to your shop that will better accentuate your planned theme. Much of the holiday ties in with rebirth and the coming of spring. The Easter Bunny hops in to make things a bit more interesting for children and has become an essential part of the tradition so, if your business sees a lot of kids passing through, it might be a good idea to incorporate him in some way.

Growing your displays
Like always with visual themes in the consumer world, don’t be afraid to get creative. People appreciate hard work when they see it and imagination is rewarded. Not everyone will notice every detail you put in, but that’s alright. Someone will and that’s all that matters. Your hard work will do nothing but have a positive impact on your store.

In the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, you can slowly transform your building into your theme. Start off with some spring decorations, gradually growing them at a pace relatable to those outside and culminating in a spectacular bloom incorporating some living flowers and plants. Bring out bright colors everywhere and use your mannequins as props too, dressing them in the latest spring trends.

Once Easter comes along, simply add your decorations and ideas to your already finished spring metamorphosis. You’ll have more time to spend on the Easter-specific additions since most of the base of your theme will already have been done in the weeks before.

Adding that Easter flare
Easter eggs, rabbits and baby peeps are all small inclusions that symbolize the holiday strongly and are key identifiers. You can scatter decorated eggs all over the store to resemble an Easter egg hunt in your very premises. Be prepared though, young ones are sure to try to open them on mere instinct alone. You can take advantage of that by adding something small inside the eggs they can take with them, like stickers or candy, making the shopping experience a lot more enjoyable for them and their parents.

Put all of your smaller accessories in baskets filled with colorful grass string instead of on the typical shelves and pegs. Vivid tulle wholesale ribbon is a very cheap decorative accessory that can be used to drape on your mannequins, hang from the ceiling above or cover your baskets and display tables so that it will add a hue of spring color to whatever it’s used on.

Colored tissue paper can make excellent small bases to put underneath anything lacking some pop. You can also fill the bottom with it of some spring bags adorned with images of flowers and birds on them. That will let them take a bit of your theme out with them and act as a reminder of your shop for the rest of the day.

As long as you extend some of the refreshing warmth and nature from outside into your business, you’ll capture the spirit of Easter. Your theme should be geared to your own specific audience, making it different from any other store. Everyone’s hopes will be high on what the new year will finally bring them now that they aren’t restricted by the weather anymore. Customers will want to get out and witness the coming of summer firsthand. Get your shop’s theme ready to show what you have in store for them and that you’re just as excited as they are about the year’s possibilities.