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Create bridal window displays for wedding season

Create bridal window displays for wedding season

When the big day is approaching for the people passing by the store displays in your windows, let them know that your bridal wear can be an integral part of their wedding ceremony. The process of shopping for a wedding gown can be a long and tedious one, but there are a few design choices you can make in your shop to help the affair become a more pleasant one. If there is one thing brides want their day to be it’s perfect, and striving for that equates to a lot of stress. It’s important to keep your customers comfortable as you do everything you can to aid them in their quest for their dream ceremony.

Windows to their hearts
Now that spring is on its way, the wedding season will pick up as well. Most people prefer their picturesque day in front of a backdrop of warm weather, so now the days that are fervently circled on the future newlyweds’ calendars will be quickly approaching. You need to make sure the display fixtures in your windows will catch their eye and make them think about what they would look like in one of your dresses and other wedding accessories.

First and foremost, you need female mannequins standing proud, front and center behind the glass, representing your gowns in all their glory. Dress them up in everything you have, including all of your accessories and jewelry. Make these displays as pristine as possible so that shoppers will wish for that exact recreation while on the alter, across from their partner. Feel free to accentuate the exhibits with anything you can think of, like white flower petals or strings of weaving garland at their feet. To include more of a spring theme, replace the flower petals with gentle green leaves and lay colorful butterflies atop and around the hem of your dresses.

The bride’s not the only one
Bride-to-bes seldom shop alone and often bombard their entourage with questions and concerns. If you want to be a true contender in this year’s battle for the bride, you need to facilitate an experience that is pleasant for everyone shopping. Place agreeable seating and warm lighting around your various arrangements so no one gets too tired from standing for the day’s length of wedding missions. A vital necessity in your business will be full-body mirrors so all of those trying on your selection will be able to fully inspect it.

To showcase your shoes and other accessories, set them up on acrylic risers and shelves so they are present the whole time in your customer’s minds when they are trying to piece together their ideal outfit. Snaking clear rope lights around your furniture and displays will flush out a cozy atmosphere while also providing an ambient glow that will illuminate the lower details of the clothes.

If you make the adventure of preparing for a wedding just as important to you and your business as it is to your customers, they’ll see that and value your efforts to find the perfect solution to their hopes and desires. With the right help, you have the possibility to be a part of the most important day of these people’s lives and your gown can be seen in the photographs for years to come.