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Create attention-grabbing wall displays

Create attention-grabbing wall displays

Do the walls in your business look like miles of white? Let blank space serve as a canvas for your creativity, and build wall displays that will catch customers’ attention while showcasing your product.

Think functional
When it comes to embellishing your wall space, look for a variety of accents that are functional as well as fashionable. Vertical shelving and hooks are available in a wide array of styles and give purpose without compromising your store’s unique look. Custom standards, outriggers and gondola shelving options are highly functional pieces which can serve as both designer display fixtures and necessary store equipment.

For versatile store racks, consider installing a slatwall or similar feature. The slatted or gridded paneling and pegboards take up little space and can be outfitted simply with baskets, brackets and hooks that can be rearranged for design purposes or to increase efficiency. Appliances with mobility are especially well-suited to shop owners who like to experiment with their store’s layout for maximal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Think vertical
Apparel racks and display cases that have non-functional backs can be moved closer to walls to maximize space elsewhere in your shop. For instance, taller floor stands and hanging forms may be positioned along a wall, and display cases and tables can efficiently fill difficult spaces like corners and nooks. Vertical lighting appliances such as sconces and lamps can also utilize blank wall areas while adding emphasis to nearby merchandise.

Placing sale items near walls also makes it simple to draw customers’ attention to some of your best deals. Positioning hanging or standing sale signs near walls sets discounted items apart from your regular merchandise and allows you to advertise without taking up walking space on the main floor.

Think colorful
Break up the monotony of white or neutral walls with a splash of color. Although painting walls a solid color may seem like a quick fix for too much white, neutral colored walls actually make a great backdrop and are more versatile when you want to redecorate. Bright whites can be a bit jarring, so consider a softer white, cream or even tan, which complement your bolder decorating decisions. Freshly-painted walls can then be embellished with display fixtures with texture such as tiles, garlands or decals.

For special emphasis, give your display a bit of glimmer. Stranded lighting can be especially catchy during the holiday season, and modern string or roped lights offer a more year-round appeal. For bolder accent, display sheeting in matte vinyl or metallic tones can serve as a glitzy backdrop to your product.