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Create a seasonal section for autumn merchandise

Create a seasonal section for autumn merchandise

Clearance sections often become seasonal as merchandise cycles in and out of popularity. However, a special area that showcases all of your fall-related products will make the shopping experience easier and simpler for your customers.

As you plan the next floor reset in your retail store, brainstorm how you can assemble an enticing seasonal section.

Craft store
From fake flower arrangements in fall colors to pumpkin decorations, craft stores have plenty of seasonal merchandise to put on display fixtures. Consider the art projects and do-it-yourself tutorials your customer base will be getting up to this season, including Thanksgiving centerpieces and costume accessories.

Dump bins are perfect for craft store products because patrons often sift through options to find what they’re looking for. Iron-on patches and pins that relate to fall can go in one bucket while adhesives such as glue sticks and hot glue refills are stocked below. People may be searching for pine cones and fake berries to use for decorations around the house, so be sure to include this type of merchandise in your seasonal section.

It’s also time for knitters to stock up on yarn and needles. A display table dedicated to relevant knitting supplies will surely appeal to those customers who are ready to choose new colors and patterns to try out.

Gourmet food store
Whether you specialize in gift baskets or unique hot sauces from around the world, gourmet food stores only become more popular as the holiday season approaches. Before you can focus on chocolate reindeer and ribbon candy, fall products have to be promoted and sold.

Some excellent options for items to include in a seasonal section are apple spreads, pumpkin butter and maple-flavored candies. Think about the flavors and treats people tend to seek out during autumn and create an appealing arrangement in one area of the store. Stock the merchandise on a 3-tier maple display table, then set up a taste-testing station on a smaller display table. Artisan crackers and dips are perfect snacking material for customers browsing what you’re featuring. By presenting your fall-flavored treats, you’re appealing to the consumer’s desire for all things pumpkin spice and apple-cinnamon.

However, while you’re adjusting your store fixtures for this autumn area, begin considering how you’ll arrange a winter seasonal section. Especially if the holiday season is your most profitable time, you should plan a creative and attractive display in advance.

Sporting goods store 
Every season brings a new round of sports for kids and adults alike to enjoy. Fall sports are already underway, but winter sports haven’t yet begun. Because of this in-between time, you may want to include gear for both seasons.

Set up display tables or a shelf units and gather your seasonal merchandise. Popular fall sports include soccer, field hockey, football, volleyball and cheerleading. Some of the equipment your customers will be looking for are the appropriate balls, field hockey sticks and shin guards. Put all of these sport-specific items in your seasonal section, but don’t include products such as workout clothes and duffel bags, which are always relevant. If sales have slowed on your fall sport merchandise, consider marking these items down to move the inventory quicker.

Meanwhile, you should be seeing a burst of revenue from your winter sports gear in the coming months. Dedicate an area in your store to display and stock these products with plenty of space for browsing customers. Although you’re likely still ordering inventory for these sports – basketball, hockey and indoor track – it’ll be convenient for patrons to find everything you currently offer in one place.