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Create a New Year’s theme for your store

Create a New Year’s theme for your store

Now that the Christmas shopping season is over, stores have a new holiday to look forward to – New Year’s. Though it’s less common for people to buy gifts for this celebration, shoppers will likely be intrigued and pleased by a store that gets into the spirit. Here are some ideas on how to create a New Year’s theme in your store.

Window display concept
There are many ways to evoke the sense of a new year in your window display. You may want to go for the classic party atmosphere, as many people ring in the New Year with a big bash. Purchase a few mannequins for sale and dress them in your fanciest suits and evening gowns. Give them a few party hats and spread noisemakers about, and don’t forget to add confetti, tissue paper and wholesale ribbon to really bring this idea home.

You can also create a New Year’s motif by using mannequins or dolls to signify the changing of times. Wrap a 2012 sash around a hair mannequin with gray hair and place it next to a baby doll wearing a sash that reads 2013. Or simply go for the “new life” concept by displaying items that promote spring – after all, a change in season is only a couple months away.

Promotions and sales
You can bring in business around New Year’s by offering special sales and promotions. Have a little fun with your ideas. For instance, consider launching a social media campaign asking the question, “What are the best items you purchased in 2012?” Then mark down these items and put them on a display table.

Similarly, you can ask your fans on Facebook to guess what items will be big in 2013, and then promote these products throughout the year.