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Create a comfortable store atmosphere

Create a comfortable store atmosphere

While shoppers probably first visit your store for the merchandise, a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere may be why they return.

A comfortable store setting isn’t just good for customer satisfaction, CashierLive explained, but also for employee morale. It’s easy to assume that an environment shoppers find welcoming will make staff feel more relaxed as well, which allows them to further promote the aura of positivity you aim to create. Regardless, the people who interact with patrons have a strong influence over the vibe your store gives off.

The definition of comfort that customers are looking for isn’t necessarily uniform across different businesses and industries. It’s important to consider what environment your target shopper enjoys as you select store fixtures and accessories including furniture, lighting, sounds and scents.

If you want to add a touch of comfort to your shop, try integrating these tactics.

Visually intact
From the display fixtures you choose to the way you use them in the space, your store’s overall visual arrangement has a strong impact on the atmosphere. The lighting should be appropriate for the products you sell. Merchandise that customers want to examine closely should be in brightly lit spaces, but mood lighting creates more of a relaxing environment in other areas.

Try to expand your selection of store fixtures beyond the generic and expected options. Look for furniture that has details and character, yet is still versatile enough to use in a plethora of store displays.

The nose goes
When customers enter your store, the smell that hits their nostrils first should be pleasant. A place that smells like packaging and shipping materials or emits a scent like wet dogs on rainy days isn’t exactly comforting.

Although you may have a signature smell in mind – be it a particular fruit or spice – you don’t necessarily need to narrow it down so specifically. The Association for Consumer Research explained how some businesses consider a scent that matches the merchandise or cliental, rather than an identifiable item. Fragrances that coincide with the current season are fitting as well.

Scents that remind customers of happy memories are great to add to your store, especially as the holiday season approaches. Try sweet and delicious smells like apple pie or milk chocolate for Thanksgiving, or go straight to Christmas scents with peppermint or holiday spice. Dark vanilla and espresso offer more neutral smells that are both sophisticated and comforting.