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Controlling the atmosphere in your store

Controlling the atmosphere in your store

In the retail merchandising world, you often hear the word “atmosphere.” It describes the feel of a retail space, but beyond that, it can be difficult to understand exactly how one creates a pleasant atmosphere for shoppers. If you’re wondering how you can make sure your shoppers feel great as they’re browsing your wares, keep these tips in mind:

The air of your store
The literal atmosphere of your store has a big impact on how shoppers experience your retail space. Controlling the temperatures to make your store comfortable in every season is essential, but there’s more to it than that. This time of year, many people love to feel a natural breeze on their skin, especially if they’re browsing through clothing racks stocked with halter tops, T-shirts and tank tops. If you have the capabilities, leave your store windows open, or prop the front door ajar on nice days. Alternatively, when it’s hot out, people like to go shopping to escape the heat, so don’t feel bad about blasting the air conditioner during the dog days of summer.

The details matter
Think of the atmosphere of your store not as singular concept but rather a compilation of small details that work together to give your space the right feel. The store fixtures you choose, from the little hooks and hangers on your wall displays to the adult and child mannequins in your front window, will greatly affect your store’s atmosphere.

All of the senses
When shoppers enter your store, they want to experience it with as many of their senses as possible. You should  arrange your display tables and kiosks in a way that is pleasing to the eye. The scent of your store will leave a lasting impression – consider burning some incense, lighting a few scented candles or spraying your mannequins with cologne. The music you choose to play in the background should be chosen based on your demographic. If you’re catering to younger children, then kid’s songs are a good idea. Teens will want to listen to pop or indie radio, while baby boomers will love hearing the songs they remember from their past. If your shoppers come to your store for a relaxing experience, ambient tunes with no lyrics are best. Don’t forget about the sense of touch – customers love free samples, and allowing them to feel different fabrics or products in your store is a smart move.