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Consumers are into buying bling

Consumers are into buying bling

Summer weather and tanned skin prompts more retail shoppers to want to add a little bling to their everyday wardrobes. From fun colored jewels and charms to standout earrings, jewelry is certainly a trend in the warm weather, and stores need to market their table displays to bring customers in.

The 2010 Annual Census Reports from Accessories Magazine and consumer research firm NPD Group, Inc. has found that consumers are "definitely spending on [accessories] again." Experts believe in the trying economic times, ladies are cutting back on purchasing new wardrobes and are instead revamping their current fashions with fresh accessories. Plus, jewelry always fits, unlike clothing.

To market your store in order to showcase your best jewels, start by purchasing black velvet jewelry displays that will work to really help your accessories sparkle. By placing the bracelets and necklaces on black, consumers can also better visualize how they'll look with their little black dresses or business suits. You'll also want to make sure to accessorize your mannequins with plenty of bling that matches the clothing displayed – this will work to showcase the clothes and what jewelry could potentially work with certain colors or fashion trends that your consumers may not have thought of.

How you wrap the accessories can also go a long way in making lifelong customers. Your store may benefit from using Eco Sinamay bags that are colorful and reusable.