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Consider these three questions for better customer service

Consider these three questions for better customer service

You may be the owner of your store and manage a team of however many people, but let’s be honest – the customer is your boss. Whether you sell car parts or high-end shoes, you would cease to exist without customers. That is why customer service is one of the most important aspects of any store. One of the best ways to help your store stand out from the rest is to give more than what’s expected. Here are three questions you should ask yourself to do just that.

1. What can you give customers that others can’t? Every store wants to stand out, but there will always be someone who sells the same thing you sell. You may not be able to give customers merchandise they can’t get elsewhere, but you can give them a one-of-a-kind experience. Greeting customers warmly and thanking them when they leave is one way to stand out among a sea of emotionless retailers. You can also hold sales and other special deals when others don’t.

2. How can you thank customers and bring them back when they don’t buy something? You holler your “thank you!” out the door as the customer leaves your shop, but how can you be sure they will come back? You technically can’t, but you can increase the chances by handing them a coupon or free sample as they leave. The ability to try something “risk-free” (or nearly risk-free) makes most people more likely to give it a shot.

3. How can you surprise your customers? Not everyone loves surprises, but having some unexpected element to your store is key to engaging customers. This might mean adding an unexpected element to your store displays, or giving out a free gift when the shopper checks out at the register.