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Complement linens with metals and jewels

Complement linens with metals and jewels

If you are a home goods or apparel retailer, you almost certainly have products that are made of linen in stock. Are you fixing your store displays to complement these items and maximize their visual appeal? Although linen is relatively versatile in its ability to match with other materials, contrasting the smooth texture with rougher metal and colorful eye-catching gems can make a statement that customers are sure to notice. So how can you incorporate these mediums into your own space?

First, think about how you’re displaying your linens. If you’re using display tables, you may be missing out on an opportunity to let their fluid nature shine. Switch things up by hanging linens on straight single- or double-barred racks. A folding tower rack is a truly unique piece that can show off your hanging merchandise as well. You can opt for either a sleek metallic finish or a rustic piece like the two-way racks highlighted in the Hanson collection. Alternately, look to the boutique group for items that are whimsically decorated with curlicue designs.

Second, show off linen’s utility. A mannequin or jersey form model is perfect for this purpose, and simple to customize with figures or covers of different colors and patterns. For extra appeal, select one of the and add shimmer in a variety of hues. Clear green or blue options offer a bright pop of color, or opt for a more subtle pink or clear item. Looking for a sophisticated but shining neck block? Try out the piece in finial black. Form bases also come in a variety of unique styles that will certainly merit a second look from patrons who are browsing about your store. With a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find something that will complement and accentuate your linens.